Blazing Laptops 2018
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Some like it hot... I like it Blazing!

This is my 10th of 11 Blazing Laptops Write-a-thons and I'm ready to set the page on fire.

I'm setting my goal at $750.00 this year and with your help, I'll reach that goal. In supporting me, you're supporting San Diego Writers, Ink—my favorite nonprofit literary organization. It's where I teach, where I write, and where I spend some of the best hours of my days. It's my community and my commitment.

Let's do this together. Join as a writer or a sponsor or both. That's what I'm doing. 

Thanks for Blazing along with me.




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  • Karin (about a month ago)


  • Roselyn (about a month ago)

    Judy, you are my s/hero! Thanks for blazing away. See you soon.

  • Danielle (about a month ago)

    Go, Judy, go!

  • Gio (about a month ago)

    Make it a Blazing good day!

  • Catherine (about a month ago)

    go Judy!

  • Amy (about a month ago)

    Bring it on!

  • Regina (about a month ago)

    Blaze away, Judy!

  • Jill (about a month ago)

    I look forward to doing it with you all day again!

  • Stephanie (about 2 months ago)

    Go Judy go!!

  • Linda (about 2 months ago)

    Go for it!

  • Lois (about 2 months ago)

    Blaze away Judy!

  • Laura (about 2 months ago)

    Go Judy!

  • Girija (about 2 months ago)

    way to go Judy! Giri

  • Liz (about 2 months ago)

    Go Judy!

  • Ruth (about 2 months ago)

    Happy Writing. Sorry I'm not in town to join you this year.

  • Karla (about 2 months ago)

    Write on Judy! Write the power!

  • Laura (about 2 months ago)

    Thank you for all you've done to create and support our writer's community in San Diego.

  • Lynne (about 2 months ago)

    I wouldn't be a writer today if it were not for you.

  • Ellen (about 2 months ago)

    Go Judy! Our fearless TW co-facilitator

  • Sylvia (about 2 months ago)

    M&M power to you on that day!

  • roger (about 3 months ago)

    go-go girl

  • Leslie (about 3 months ago)

    You go Judy!

  • Zohreh (about 3 months ago)

    in support of Judy

  • Ellen (about 3 months ago)

    Go Judy! May your fingers fly.

  • Anonymous (about 4 months ago)

    To the one who got all the Blazing started, I support and salute you!! D.M.

  • Steven (about 4 months ago)

    Judy Reeves Rocks! Love Blazing with you, friend!

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Number of page visits: 262
Days since event: 55
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What: Blazing Laptops 2018
When: Sunday June 24, 2018 at 09:00 AM

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