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San Diego Writers, Ink is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting writers. I'm here to support them--please help me do so!

I’m going to be spending the day working on my final major edit of my book, The End of Reason, which is about an artist who finds herself abandoned and forced to support herself with her skills and talents as an artist.  It is set in France at the end of the Ancient Regime and the Revolution - a time when women are not accepted in the Arts.  

In the past year, I have attended many workshops and classes at Writer’s Ink.  I have found a lot of support and encouragement, and learned a lot.  My writing has improved a lot - especially my poetry!  I am anxious to finish this book and go on to the next, which covers another woman from that time - a book about Charlotte David, a woman who is married to an abusive, ambitious man. She is set free from him but faces the scorn and censure of society in the aftermath of the French Revolution.


  • Aimelie (about 7 months ago)

    For an amazing writer who inspires other women.

  • Janell (about 7 months ago)

    So, you support yourself! Have fun!

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